California Current Ecosystem LTER

Ocean Institute Chlorophyll

Final chlorophyll and temperature measurements at 10m depth, offshore of Dana Point, California as part of an Ocean Institute time series, 2006 - 2016 (ongoing).

Time series of chlorophyll and temperature at 10m offshore of Dana Point, California. Measurements made as part of education/outreach programs involving students and teachers in oceanographic sampling and analytic sensitivity to time series. Cruises are conducted twice, monthly (or other) where sampling is performed by students assisted by technicians and supervisors.

weather, chlorophyll, ocean biogeochemistry, measurements, depth

LTER Data System Record
California Current Ecosystem LTER

Kretschmar, Leslie (

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General Methods Chlorophyll determined using chlorophyll extraction methodology. Samples concentrated on GF/F filters.
Frequency multiple/week
Ocean Institute Chlorophyll and Temperature Timeseries

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