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Shore Stations Program SIO Pier Water Temperature

Daily sea-surface temperature measurements, collected and provided by the Shore Stations Program, La Jolla CA, 1916 - May 2019

Personnel from the Stephen Birch Aquarium-Museum at Scripps take daily temperature and salinity samples from the end of the Scripps Pier at the sea surface and a depth of about 5 meters. The proximity of Scripps Pier to the deep waters at the head of La Jolla submarine canyon results in data quite representative of oceanic conditions. Scripps Pier is a total of 1084 ft. long (330.4 M) and 22.5 ft. wide for most of it's length. However it is 46.0 ft. wide at the end where the lab/pump house structure is situated with the west wall standing 88.0 ft. from the end of the pier (=996 ft. from the shore). The orientation is 277 / 97 degrees magnetic, 14 degrees East variation. The deck of the pier is 33.5 ft. above Mean Low Low Water (MLLW).

Data provided by Shore Stations Program with current funding provided by the "California Department of Parks and Recreation, Division of Boating and Waterways, Award# DPR-C1370020". Data are collected by staff aquarists and volunteers with the Birch Aquarium at Scripps. Contact if you have questions

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General Methods
Scripps supplies precision ingraved stem mercury immersion thermometers manufactured by Kahl Scientific Instruments Corporation. All thermometers read in degrees Celcius, with 0.1degC divisions, but come in two different ranges; +8 to 26degC or +4 to 22degC. Although they are calibrated against certified primary standards during the manufacturing process, upon receipt, they are recalibrated by the Oceanic Data Facility at SIO to 0.01C accuracy. Currently Scripps calibrated thermometers are being provided to Scripps Pier and SE Farallon Island. (


Protocols and Definitions