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Cal Poly Pier Chlorophyll

Chl a from discrete bottles samples from the Cal Poly Pier, 2017-present.

Water for chlorophyll a is sampled from three depths (~1, 4 and 9 m) using niskin bottles attached to a CTD rosette.The concentration of chlorophyll a is determined by filtering water though filters of differing pore sizes including a GFF (nominal pore size 0.7 µm) and 3 µm filter. These samples are extracted in 90% acetone and analyzed fluorometrically using a Triology Fluorometer.

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General Methods
Chl a samples were processed by filtering a known volume of seawater (0.1L) thru 2 different filter pore sizes (Whatman GF/F and 3µm nucleopore filter) in triplicate. Filters were extracted in 4.5 mls of 90% acetone and stored in the dark -20degC for approximately 24 hours. Samples were thawed in the dark until reaching room temperature and then analyzed on a Triology Fluorometer. Chlorophyll a was calculated from fluorescence using the acidification method (Strickland & Parsons 1972). Fluorometer calibrations using a chlorophyll a standard (Sigma Cat#C6144) were acquired from the CalCOFI group.