Palmer Station Antarctica LTER

Zooplankton Density - Historical

Zooplankton collected aboard Palmer Station LTER annual cruises off the western antarctic peninsula, 1993 - 2008.

Samples were collected with a 2-m, 700-um net towed from surface to 120 m. This dataset is the historical (1993 - 2008) counterpart to dataset #199, Zooplankton Density - Current. Together these two data sets comprise the full Palmer LTER zooplankton density time series. Please refer to the methods of each dataset for differences between the two.

zooplankton, oceans, abundance, Population Studies, Signature, biomass, density, marine

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Palmer Station Antarctica LTER

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General Methods
Zooplankton net tows were conducted at Palmer LTER grid stations. Tows were double oblique with a 2x2-m square mouth (700-um stretch mesh) Metro net to 120 m. Abundance (#/1000 m3) and biomass (i.e., biovolume, mL/1000 m3) were determined for dominant macrozooplankton taxa. Data includes tow location, time, depth, and volume of water filtered by the net. Samples were preserved in 4% buffered formaldehyde. Density prefixes: Siphon = Siphonophorae; Hydrozoa_o = Hydrozoa (other hydrozoa, excluding Siphonophorae); Ctenoph = Ctenophora; Clio = Clio spp. pteropods; Limacina = Limacina helicina; Clione = Clione spp. pteropods; Pteropod_o = Pteropoda (other pteropods, excluding defined taxa); Cephalop = Cephalopoda; Tomopter = Tomopteris spp. polychaetes; Polychae_o = Polychaeta (other polychaetes, excluding Tomopteris); Pseudosa = Pseudosagitta spp. chaetognaths; Chaetogn_o = Sagittoidea (other chaetognaths, excluding Pseudosagitta); Copepoda = Copepoda; Ostracod = Ostracoda; Mysida = Mysida; Themisto = Themisto gaudichaudii; Amphipod_o = Amphipoda (other amphipods, excluding defined taxa); Esuperba = Euphausia superba; Ecrystal = Euphausia crystallorophias; Efrigida = Euphausia frigida; Etriacan = Euphausia triacantha; Thysanoe = Thysanoessa macrura; Euphaus_o = Euphausiacea (other euphausiids, excluding defined taxa) (mostly immature stages); SalpEmb = Salpa thompsoni embryo stage; SalpAgg = Salpa thompsoni aggregate stage; Pantarct = Pleuragramma antarcticum; Teleoste = Teleostei. A blank abundance or biovolume value means that the sample was not analyzed for that taxonomic group; a value of -1 means that the taxonomic group was present but not quantified.