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Palmer Station Weather - Daily Averages

Daily averaged weather timeseries (air temperature, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, sky cover) at Palmer Station, Antarctica combining manual observations (1989 - Dec 12, 2003) and PALMOS automatic weather station measurements (Dec 13, 2003 - March 2019).

Weather data acquisition was originally by manual observation and continued with an automated system installed in Nov 2001. Measurements began shifting from manual to automated observations in June 2003 until the manual observations were ended on December 12, 2003. Data are collected, compiled, and distributed by the US Antarctic polar contractor. Electronic distributed occurs monthly from Palmer station via internet and are available at University of Wisconsin weather archive:

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Data Processing
Data are downloaded and parsed from the University of Winsconsin data archive (<a href=''></a>) approximately every 2 months.

Wind Measurements
The Digitally recording anemometer replaced the analog anemometer as the instrument of record beginning October 25, 2003. The digital recording anemometer reports 2-minute average wind speed with a direction associated with each 2-minute average and the maximum 5-second wind gust for each 2-minute interval without a direction associated with it. The format of the wind section of this report has been modified slightly to accommodate the format of the new instruments data.