Brinton and Townsend Euphausiid Database

Mark Ohman Lab · Scripps Institution of Oceanography · SIO Pelagic Invertebrates Collection

Data Use Policy

The data available here are intended for scholarly use by the research community, with the express understanding that (1) all data users will properly acknowledge the originating investigator efforts, as indicated below and (2) reprints of any reports, articles, or other publications resulting from use of these data will be deposited in the Pelagic Invertebrates Collection, Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Use or reproduction of any materials herein for any commercial purpose is prohibited without prior written permission from Dr. Mark D. Ohman.

Data Acknowledgement Policy

The following citation should be included in any use of the data or figures from this database: "Data originate from the Brinton-Townsend Euphausiid Database of the Pelagic Invertebrates Collection, Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Database creation supported by NOAA grant NA17RJ1231." The originating investigator (Dr. Mark Ohman, should be contacted to determine whether co-authorship is warranted for any materials arising from use of these data.

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